College SA offers a wide range of distance learning courses.

Get a great education with one of College SA’s range of quality courses. Built specifically for distance learning students (students that study from home and do not attend classes) and backed by years of experience, College SA will help you achieve your education dreams. Speak to us today and get your career on track.

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why college sa2Why study at College SA?

College SA has been helping people reach their education dreams for more than 10 years now. Founded in 2007, our passion for education means that we always strive to make our students’ study experience as inspiring and as enriching as possible. We’ve dedicated ourselves to offering quality courses that improve our students’ employability and we offer continuous support that help our students move toward their goals. Read more

we are registeredWe are a registered college

College SA is a Distance Learning Private College that offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) (Formerly known as an FET College). We are Provisionally Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Our DHET Provisional Registration Number is 2009/FE07/099. We are accredited to offer courses ranging from bookkeeping/accounting, business management, human resources and engineering studies. Read more


We add value to your study experience

study materialStudy Material

Our study material has been designed specifically for students who study via distance learning. It is comprehensive and easy to understand. We give you all the material that you need to study a course. You will therefore never have to buy additional study material, since it is always included in the cost. What's more, we even courier it to you!

accredited coursesAccredited Courses

We offer a range of nationally, or internationally accredited qualifications and courses. Employers, as well as other educational institutions, value these qualifications and courses. Accredited courses often allow you to continue on a career path through further studies. You can, for example, study to become a bookkeeper, pass and then continue further until you become an accountant.

provider programmeNon-Accredited Courses

Our non-accredited courses are in-house courses that have been developed to teach you the necessary skills you need for a specific job and although they are not accredited; they offer exceptional value for money. These courses are generally more affordable than their accredited equivalents, they have no formal exams and they are often shorter in duration than the accredited courses.

educational plannersEducational Planners

We want you to pass and get a better job and further your career. That is why we have dedicated Education Planners that will guide you in making an informed study choice and guide you through the application process. They assist you with any administrative queries or direct you to the relevant person should you have specific study queries.

tutorsTutors to help you pass

We have full-time tutors that are available to guide you in understanding the study material. Our tutors are trained and many of them are part-time students themselves. Since these tutors have also studied via distance learning, they know what you are going through and can provide you with the help and support you need to pass.